Trauma Therapy to Reduce Cycles of Violence

Regardless of whether by war, domestic violence, accidents, or natural disasters, psychological trauma affects as many as 500 million people worldwide, with impact on the individual, family, community, and eventually taking its toll on the human growth and development of an entire country or region.

From 1971 till 2005 Rolf Carriere worked with the UN and the World Bank, mostly in Asia.  In his recent article  “How Trauma Therapy Can Help to Reduce Cycles of Violence”  Carriere outlines not only the impact of trauma worldwide, but ways to reduce these ongoing cycles of violence that threaten our quality of life, and perhaps our very existence.

While many therapeutic approaches to trauma exist, the World Health Organization recognizes only two therapies that are effective, evidence-based, and scientifically validated for the treatment of trauma in adults and children:  Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a Trauma Focus (TF-CBT).  Of these two, EMDR therapy has some distinct advantages, as Carriere describes.  EMDR therapy has already been used to effectively treat trauma in several countries following earthquakes, tsunamis, and the many traumas of war.  We know it makes a big difference in helping children return to school, and in helping individuals and families heal.

What can you do to help?  ERF priority 2

The EMDR Research Foundation is currently funding studies that help us to address the global impact of trauma—individual treatment of PTSD, grief, anxiety, depression, and group treatments that are more useful in disaster response.  Learn more about our priorities, and the studies we have funded to date at
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